The Maltese experience!

I have pushed myself to lay dawn on paper my Maltese experience for two months now. However I have always felt like the story is not over yet, I grabbed on to it like it’s a matter of survival, and maybe it is. The survival of my poisonous nostalgia.

With every country I visit, my heart pumps my blood in different colors, transforming my spirit in a beautiful rainbow. Poisoned by my own heart, relishing sparks of color from every pore.

For an adventure seeker like me, Malta has never been on my bucket list. However a series of circumstances brought me in front of the possibility, and I admit; for an European, Malta is perceived as an easy escape, a less expensive relaxation getaway.

Not being a fan of typical, overcrowded destination,  I have sub-estimated the potential of the small Island, but decided to give it a chance. In the end, its a new place, and every new place has something to teach. At the same time, as back up plan, I added Sicily on my plan, if Malta will lose my interest.

Little did I knew that this small archipelago:( Malta, Comino and Gozo), will keep me wanting for more, feeding me with spoons full of beauty, diversity and great adventures. making me discard the idea of leaving it of Sicily.



With just 35 km² in Malta,15/9 km in Gozo and just 7 km in Comino island, my heart traveled as for a thousand worlds. Every step takes you in a journey, making you a explorer, a sport lover, e wine expert or a foodie, you name it and your life will be transformed in ways never imagined.

As a wine lover, Malta it’s the vineyard of the Gods. the most famous wine of the island, a Chardonnay named Isis( like the goddess of love), will make you fall in love with its  fruity notes,  its medium-full bodied consistence, and lusty aromas. I am not a fan of Chardonnay, however, as the locals claim, Isis offers a totally new experience. The preparation technique and the Oak got Isis on my wine-list.

Having no clue of Malta’s potential, I taught I would at least enjoy the good weather and the salty beaches. Nonetheless, I have booked my hotel in the most famous city, Paceville, 2 minutes  from the beach,

FB_IMG_1468759135839I soon find out that Paceville, derived from the Surname of the first family who settle down on this lands, has become the Nightlife center of Malta.

Ever crowded streets, packed with night clubs and bars, shopping centers and tourist offices are spreading along the coast-line, injecting its energy into your bloodstream.

Encouraged by the lively environment, and wanting now to discover the true Malta, behind the stereotype, I left the beach aside and set foot on my new adventure.

I am now walking down the small streets, without any specific destination, and woke up in front of a too tall poster. Crystal blue waters, happy faces, and what seems like the best party I could ever attend on a magic Island, took my soul in a new journey.

A Captain Morgan fairy, lifted the anchor next morning and set it’s “rumbo” towers Gozo, a 15 km island, house of more than 60 churches.

13243744_1138340826197169_5308191874143891918_oDespite its beautiful landscape, ” the red beach”, ” the vista window”, thousand chocolate flavors, and small little cozy streets, to get lost in, the island it’s collecting its peolple, mostly from  Captain Morgan’s cruises, having just a handful of permanent residents.

The departure time was painful, as my taste buds were drunk with heavenly cacao and milk aromas. However, the captain announced the next stop; Blue Lagoon, the Comino’s most famous beach. The image of the poster stroke me for a seconds and awaken me from the ” chocolate factory” dream.

Comino, is the smallest island of the Maltese Archipelago, and counts just 3 residents, getting its name from the ” cumin” seed, believed to be growing here since ancient times.

13254419_1141664799198105_1424906401819495743_nHundreds of people are battling for a patch of heaven. The blue of the water is hypnotizing and it looks like gold is hiding underneath.  Making  my way trough the euphoric crowds, I have bumped into my next vacation best buddies.

In a way or another every vacation has gifted me amazing friends, and Malta was no exception. Beautiful people to decorate your vacation mood with, explorers, partners in crime, you name it, if you open up, you will find the people of your soul.

From this point on, I was not traveling alone anymore, plans were made together and the fun doubled.

13301402_1141663135864938_1743019242741908377_oThird day into the Maltese experience, we have decided that is the time to visit the capital city. Valletta, is where the environment is inviting you to lose your beach mood and immerse into a cultural journey,  Museums, theater, movie production, good music and  cozy bohemian streets, are just few of the local attractions.

If by now I have gave you a glimpse of why I felt in love with Malta, the Maltese people are the one that melted my heart. Good educated and well mannered, they will make you feel like home, extending their amiability as towards their own family.

The Maltese language has been deeply carved by Arabic and Italian, however the locals are great English speakers.

13221470_1141664425864809_5261350242694977339_nWith my appetite opened for culture, I joined my exploring self the next day, into the heart of the country. The old capital city, Medina, it’s known by the locals as “the silent city”. Founded in 8th century by Phoenicians and later on, reduced to a fortress citadel by Arabs, Medina, has lost its power around 18th century.  Blessed with peacefulness and covered by a sumptuous vibe of historical context, the old city has always been the center of Maltese nobility.

The energy of the country has gifted me unforgettable moments, however, the time has come to withdraw myself in to the quietest corner of the country and let every feeling settle down into my heart as my body relaxes.

2016-07-27 14.05.25My oasis of peace came along with a beautiful sea view from a small hotel in St Paul Bay. As the guardian of the northern coast of Malta, and having just the “church square”  as gathering place, one can find in St Paul the music for his soul, in long walks along the shore.

The time I have spent here was soul healing and deeply meditative so I have decided to take one last escape into the beautiful island for a goodbye gathering with may vacation friends.

13244256_1140095046021747_2173524167417742181_oWe have chosen as meeting point one of the ” must visit” places in Malta. St Peter’s Pool. the southern most bay; a hidden gulf, safeguarded by a difficult access but with a huge reward once you get to see its cliffs and clear, freezing cold waters.

After a week of unforgettable experiences, with new amazing friends and a heart full of joy, I am looking over the silent St Paul’s bay, becoming  one with it.


I am not ready to get back to reality,. The only thing that keeps me going is the certainty that Malta is just one of the countless experiences that my heart will enjoy.





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