Niagara. The story of the waterfalls!

It is believed that if you want something bad enough, sooner or later, you will get it!. Lets add a little work and the success is almost guaranteed.

The Niagara Waterfall, was hitting the top of my bucket-list, since long before I could even imagine myself as a full-time  traveler.

So here we go, without any big revelation, or strange emotions, in front of the long awaited moment, I arm myself with patience for the 7 h. trip that separates me from crossing another major dream-destination from my list.

Armed with the hotel pillows and some comfy wear we departed early morning, hoping that the  sunrise will emphasize with our excitement, at the first sight of the Waterfalls.

2016-06-19 22.16.56After an almost meditative journey, a heavens gate literally opened for us, while entering Toronto, and we knew that moment that somehow, some things are meant to happen.

I always like to imagine impressive natural monuments as standing alone, paying testimony of the beauty of nature, away from the crowds and the noisy commercial settings. As a fortress of beauty, pristine and bewildering.

2016-06-19 22.42.09However, the ability of Man in transforming anything into money, again,  didn’t disappoint.
Before us, a Vegas-like entertainment village, raise its caring arms, happy to receive us. Hunted houses, Game-pubs, Junk-food “restaurants”, are competing with the souvenir shops, in getting our attention.

2016-06-19 19.49.34Getting overwhelmed with the energy of the place, we established as a meeting point with our driver, the Upside down House, the most iconic place in the village, and start looking for a place to refuel our energy.

Hungry and exhausted after a long night, we ended up in the first Junk-food pub, that sells more than bangles. The local food and hospitality, got us scouts-like energy, ready for the journey of discovering.

Attracted by the magic sound of the running water, our steps were carrying us, hypnotized, following a path that felt so familiar, like we have walked those streets hundred times before.

On the other side of the entertainment village, Majestic, Loud, Standing proud, uniting the State of NY and the Canadian coast, we saw it. All my dreams and hopes, were passing once more trough the hallways o2016-06-19 22.19.34f my heart, while shivers were running down my spine.

I am here. Finally!!!

All the way to Toronto, our driver, rushed into explaining us, how the Canadian side of the waterfall, is way more impressive than the American one, and in a way, he was right. In front of us two enormous waterfalls, are showing off their power.

2016-06-19 22.14.43The first one you will get to meet is the American side, smaller and more shy, but not less beautiful, it’s a paradise of the photographers. There is something artistic in it, like a yet unpainted work of art. The less powerful water, allows you to enjoy the shapes, while the rocks underneath get caressed by the sun, under the cozy shower.
2016-06-19 22.54.42500 m further, the Canadian waterfall, covers herself in a blanket of splashing water and mist.  Its as if a giant storm, its poring its anger on the world.

Underneath the ginormous waves, in what appears as minuscule boats, tourists wearing flashy raincoats, are getting a grip of the power of nature.

We couldn’t contain our excitement and board the next boat towards the core of the Canadian Waterfall. Soon enough we got to know that the enormity of Niagara, seen from the top, was nothing, comparing with the sensation of infinity that you will have once trapped underneath its waves.

We find ourselves literally meters from the Giant which, was hitting our boat like in a Moby Dick story.  Standing strait was challenging and taking any photo became impossible…all we could see was a white water-wall.

Socked in the blessing waters of Niagara, and with the adrenaline still rushing trough our veins, from the magic of the moment, we return for one last view from the above,

2016-06-19 22.16.27

Filling up our lungs with the fresh air of the Niagara Falls, we took in the memory forever.
On our way back, no one is talking, each of us is trying to re-live every feeling, every breath, and we are all still hypnotized by “The story of the Waterfalls”.






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