Iceland. A plan-breaker or a country out of this planet?!?!

If Justin Bieber had to have his white underwear showed-off in a freezing glacier in Iceland, why not me ?!?!?😂😂

As my fast-coming birthday it’s getting me into travelling mood, as always, I am passing through thousand destination getaways, looking for the most ingenious way to commemorate my existence.

Last year I had the great idea to celebrate my passing quarter by challenging my body.

I thought of freezing the chances of leaving my genes to this world, just in case I am aging too fast and so I can get something out of my mind.😎😂😂  Joking! Just thought, since the Hell is burning hot, the Paradise should be freezing :p

This is how 1 week before my birthday, with an approximation of -15 °C, I headed to Iceland. Mark my words, the name didn’t disappoint. It was as iced as it can get.

My initial purpose was chasing the Northern Lights. Booking a 5 days track departing from Reykjavik to the south, I hoped I’ll be ending up like in a bad romance, sipping hot chocolate under the green lights.

Well that didn’t happen. 😶 Little did I knew that the Magnificent Lights will let me waiting as on a first date🤔😅

12295290_1031872290177357_4442598121653871486_n-copyThe first day was fast, by the end of November you only have around 4 hours of light. No sign of the Show, however I got gripped by the magnificent waterfalls. I could compare Skjálfandafljót waterfall to Niagara…if only my freezing feet and shortage of breath, would have let me gaze some more at it’s beauty.

The second waterfall, one of the tallest in Iceland we got to see when the sun was setting already, transforming the  surroundings in golden fields on which the Icelandic horses looked like worriers ready to safeguard the beauty of the surroundings.

After a warm dinner we all succumbed to the certainty that tomorrow we will get some more scouts-like energy, and freeze our ars’ up in search for the Northern Lights.

For now we are just happy for the warm shower !!!

Second day started with a leap of faith….In order to dive between the American and European Continent, we should first freeze on -15°C until we dress up and get to the entering point.  It all sound good to me. Not every day I get to stand( pardon me: submerge) between America and Europe, at approx. 2 m. distance from each-other.

For those who love details, and don’t mind me repeating something you might already knew;  the tectonic plates of American and European Continent are meeting in Iceland, separating from each other a fey centimeters each year.

12313847_1033284080036178_3901242592342680838_nSo here I was in a so called thermal suit with my limbs covered just in pure rubber, jumping up and down on the ice waiting my turn to enter the 1º C water. It got a bit scary when some of us had to call it quits, invoking some choking or unbearable coldness. Nothing major seriously:D

My only problem was that if I move my fingers too sudden or get touched by someone, I might crack as an ice-block dropped from a sky-creeper😅😅

12301627_1033285220036064_8759969477168859336_nI still don’t know if the joy I felt once I got to dive between the Continents, was due to its breathtaking beauty or to the 15° C increase in body temperature ?!?!?!😂😂

Either way, not being able to catch the Lights that night didn’t mean much anymore. The adrenaline was still pumping after the morning  swim.😁

The next 3 days I didn’t even remembered that my main purpose was the “Aurora”.

The thermal springs, the green fields, the ice caves, the glacier hiking and the icebergs, melting in a landscape up to a Justin Bieber song😋; they all  made me wanna sing ” I’ll show you” !! :):):)  disregarding my failure as a scout!!!!

On the last day as a farewell and an up yours, we got to see a glimpse of what could have been …but it wasn’t.

A faint of green on the pitch dark sky, saluted us and let us wonder; was it a dream or the whippers of my glasses got frozen?

Either way, the story had a happy ending and I may  not have been granted a date with Aurora Borealis, but I sure had the time of my life chasing her 😍

P.S. the fallowing week I have fallowed a unfreezing process in Zanzibar. You can not imagine the wonders a bonfire and some ice-cold drinks can do to a frozen body ! :):):):)

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