Germany vs Italy! the story of Deutschland !

While the world is struggling with War, Hunger, Racism and mostly Hypocrisy and Injustice; there is nothing that can move masses more than…FOOTBALL!

This frenetic, almost addictive joy, that takes over humanity while watching a “ball-chasing game”, is mind-blowing.

2016-07-04 19.31.20So here I am, in Berlin, loosing myself in this wave of people, with hopes raised high, that maybe, just maybe, Germany will claim victory over Italy for the first time.

Who cares now about War, Hunger, Refugees or Brexit, when a country’s ego is challenged!!??

Surrounded by hundreds of people, I found myself carried away, following the street between Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate.

Only stopped by a security check-point, did I realize the enormity of the moment!? I was now in a sea of Black,Red and Yellow, surrounded by an energy that I just imagined possible at a revolution or a rock concert.

2016-07-04 19.26.43It was scary and uplifting at the same time. And here is when I got my whole body vibrating on the German beat. Therefore, I have asked two very keen supporters, to paint my face with the German flag.  My light colored eyes and hair, gave me the complete look….Tonight I am a German!!!

Along the streets, gigantic screens were placed and people were rooming around trying to find the best spot for the show. The anticipation of what is about to happen is overwhelming, you could smell the excitement, you could hear mental prayers raising.

2016-07-04 19.27.44I am part of the wave now, hitting the shore in the same tune, I was breathing and feeling the German exhilaration. Whatever happens is not the matter anymore. The only thing that’s left now, is a perfect union.  A magic wire that tightens us in a perfect family.

Even the small Italian groups, scattered here and there, were our extended family, our dear enemy.

A commune purpose is what unites people, and suddenly I was wishing that all the News Channels will be replaced with Sports Chanel. 🙂

2016-07-04 19.30.07The match has started, and the German excitement was filling the streets, bars and homes.

Our hearts got synchronized to the same melody: ” the sound of victory”

Time was dripping slow, as trying to encrypt everything into posterity. The minutes felt like hours and every move was recorded and analysed. The first goal was the spark that we needed.

There is a theory saying that vibrating commune thoughts, are influencing reality; and tonight we like to think that we played our role towards the victory.

Somewhere deep down we knew we are winning;  the energy we created was too powerful!

It took me a while to realize what just happened.  I have been hypnotized and the only way of waking up to reality it’s to share …The story of Deutschland. ⚽⚽⚽

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