Discovering Jordan. Week-end in a Bedouin Style.

A timeless treasure, Petra has won the battle with the passing time, and a place between the “7 Wonders of the World”.

As you might have noticed, the 7 wonders, change, every now and then, when people stop wondering, when the magnificent becomes commercial or too easy accessible, or when our ignorance kills the magic.

seven-wonders-of-the-ancient-worldThe best example of the worlds ignorance is ” The Pyramids of Giza”. A symbol of our ancestors superiority, of culture and a secret that hasn’t been discovered until today. Somewhere along the line, the mystery of the Pyramids, has lost its value, The locals, have started to sell their culture like vegetables in the market, betraying the majestic construction, and with it, the world’s interest.

In other words, at an easy access, people lose interest, and stop wonder.

maxresdefault (1)Replacing the pyramids, the only testimony of our ‘Ancient Wonders’, its now ‘The Christ” from Rio, Does anyone wonder why, or how. Does the modern construction overtake with anything or something, the complexity of the pyramids, which were build by creatures considered to posses the secret of immortality????

Maybe not, but who cares, as long as we have something new to feed our hungry Tourists…

Back to Petra, the last Bedouin City, constructed by the Nabataeans, originally known as Raqmu; has been discovered by the westerners in 1812, by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt and named among the 7 wonder in 2007.

Petra was the center of trade and the capital of the Nabataeans, who had the control over water supply, creating  an artificial oasis.

If you submerge yourself in the depths of Petra, you will find yourself inside a rose-fortress, connected trough complex routs and overlooked by majestic stone-carved thumbs.

The narrow path trough colorful canyons, is opening up in front of the peace of art, letting you speechless. and small.

Built as a thumb for a Nabataean king, the Treasury is carrying the prove of the many attempts of uncovering the hidden gold, thought to be kept inside. The sight will makes you fall in love and many time becomes sufficient for many tourists, making them miss the biggest treasure of all, The Cathedral.

The imposing construction, 9 m taller than the Treasury (39 m), 2 to 3 hours climbing a 800 m step, rock-cut path, will make you feel that the effort was worth it.

13340299_1150826718281913_4066663637864228157_oThe monastery was built in the 3rd century BC, as a tomb, and used by the Byzantines as a church

Between the Treasury and The Cathedral, mind gripping constructions , will attest the superiority of our ancestors, and prove you why Petra its fitting perfectly between ” the 7 wonders of the world”.

Attracted by the Indiana Jones adventure, and the Mistery of the Tomb, many tourists tend to underestimate the beauty of Jordan as a whole. While I will not be able to contest the importance of visiting Petra, we must consider other Jordanian treasures also.

In Amman, the capital city , one can have an authentic Arabian experience. At every corner you bump into ancient monuments and forgotten history. the city is full of culture, traditional restaurants and a vibrant energy to match the most well known cities of Middle East.

The best way to start your day in Amman, is, with the view of the 7 hills, from the Jabal al Qal’a or Amman Citadel. In the morning light the more than 700 years of history will be brought to life under your gaze.  You can continue your day with the Temple of Hercules, a colorful architecture of columns, and prepare a great evening by visiting the Darat Al Funun Gallery; known as the place of Amman best kept secret.

If you prefere to have a feel of the Arabian Nights, Jabal Amaan, its the perfect place. The smell of spices, flavored tobacco and Arabic coffee,  will take you back in time.

At only 2 hours from Amman, you can enjoy a salty treat and chill in the Dead Sea’s mud, for a therapeutic and relaxing day.

13086810_1123232594374659_5560092991770012676_oGetting on the road again, at 4 hours drive from Amman, make your last stop at Wadi Rum; a modern version Bedouin village, which its now drawing its existence from maintaining the tradition and using it in touristic purposes.

Wadi Rum, its also called ” the Valley of the Moon” and its setting it’s hiding between granite rocks and sandstone.

A abundance of activities like, climbing, rock jumping, and dessert safari, along with the Martian adventure, the place being the set for many Hollywood production, “The Martian”  it’s attracting thousands of tourists each year.

After a full day workout, you can settle down around a campfire, listening to the Bedouin  stories and apeace your hunger with the traditional barbecue and a cup of sweet tea.

Close your journey the next day with the Wonder-full Petra, and a page of this beautiful book, called ” life well traveled” has been written, and stories can be told.


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