The story of a girl, lost in her own discoveries

We have all experienced this feeling at a point in time.  Being lost is part of our life journey, is a necessity in our initiatic trajectory to discovering our life purpose.

What makes my journey worth being laid out on paper, is the turning point in which, being lost, has become a choice, a choice that gifted me unthinkable experiences, breathtaking views, mind gripping stories, and an addiction I don’t want to be cured of.

As many, I have been cruising trough life, without having a clue if I am heading anywhere or if I even belong to any specific place. I just left myself carried by the waves of destiny, hopping that someday, I will be stroked by an “Eureka” moment and have my life set up, my life-goals bullet-pointed, and my road laid out in front of my sore feet, ready to GO.

But I waited and waited, and waited some more, until the muddy, agitated waters of my life, forced me to swim. I was still lost, I didn’t knew where I am heading, but at least, I was going somewhere; And somewhere is always better than nowhere!

I swam and swam, the wave were still rough, but the water became clearer, until the point in which I could see around myself.  For the first time in years I forgot to pity myself and payed attention at my surroundings.

Was then when I realized that even though I may possibly not be able to shout “Land” anytime soon, at least I can enjoy a good snorkeling.

The same place I was drowning myself into, was now the paradise which was injecting its beauty trough my veins.

This is how, three years ago, I decided to dismiss the fact that I have to reach anywhere, and decided to ” Remain Lost

Lost in a flavored pot of Humanity and Culture; Lost in my own discoveries!!


3 thoughts on “The story of a girl, lost in her own discoveries”

  1. Beautifully written! I got inspired yet again after reading this article. It’s really wonderful to know how beautiful life we are blessed with. It’s an anthem for all the flight attendant dear! Job well done and all the very best for your future projects 😊

  2. Well , I guess we all see a small part of us in this article , deep explanation of what one passes through once taking the challenge of cultural diversity .. Keep going girl !

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