Solo travelling, or the art of falling in love😊


Being “solo” has always been considered as good enough to be pitied for.  And for a good reason; You have to cry yourself a river, get up and soak it of alone, and pad yourself on the shoulder to cheer up.😅

However let’s not take ourselves so serious …We have to be able to handle our own S##t before we share other’s. 😉

The same happens when people hear about “solo-travelling”.

“Who is gonna be taking your pictures?,  with who are you gonna share the hotel fees?, who will gonna protect you from the world?  “

All sorts of worries come up like mushrooms after the first rain.

But let me turn your world upside down and tell you a secret: It’s gonna be fine, in fact it’s gonna be fun and uncomfortably exciting,  it’s gonna be like when you fall in love. 

Remember those butterflies in your stomach,  that nausea in front of something you want but you don’t know how to handle? !…well that’s exactly what you are going to feel on your first “solo-travelling” experience.

And than, little by little,  comes the love. A weird combination of “getting used to” and the ability of discovering and falling in love with new things, every day that passes.

You will not be afraid anymore of not knowing how to handle the “new love” and the butterflies have became by now dear feelings that you cherish, every time you visit a new place.

You will get swept of your feet by your love, you will be surprised not with flowers,  but with fields of magic, not with diamonds but with proud mountains, standing tall and tempting you to feel their love under your feet.

You  will suffer nights of no sleep, thinking about your love, and it will all worth it, because the love that you will grow into, it will transform you in ways you never thought possible.


Back to Earth and social interaction;  The most striking questions I receive and surprisingly the most frequently asked is :” how can you travel alone?!, I can not stay alone for so long..”

Well, let me surprise you! Solo travelling doesn’t mean necessarily “alone”, not unless you decide to make a vote of silence 😅, and ignore everyone around you !

Solo-travelling it’s actually providing you with more social interaction than travelling in a group.

Just think about it, would you strike a conversation out of the blue with that cool guy, if you were in a group;  Would you talk about weather with those french people on the boat towards Comino Island, and make yourself some amazing vacation friends, if you were in a group?

Would you start talking with your neighbor in that plane going to Zanzibar, just to find out you are going to the same surfing beach, and this way join a surfing group for an indescribable week, if you were not travelling solo? Well, most probably Not.

I am not saying that travelling with your friends it’s not fun, it is amazing and can lift friendship on higher levels, BUT: dismiss the possibility of solo travelling, and you will miss on unforgettable experiences, life-lasting new friends,  amazing stories to impress your grand-kids with 😅 and  a baggage of confidence and skills that you will not gain in any other way.

In other words,  give yourself the possibility of falling in love with the world.  The journey of discovering yourself starts with the courage of being vulnerable.

The only time we are “alone”, is when we surround ourselves with unnecessary things, leaving no space for the truth uplifting experiences.

“Freedom starts at the end of your comfort zone”



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