Ignorance or the illusion of happiness.

Too many times I hear the phrase ” just don’t think about it”, ” don’t give it more weight than it actually has”.

And as I do agree that complicating situations more than is necessary or overthinking, is a harmful habit in which we all indulge more than the advised dose, not thinking things trough at all and ” just go with the flow” somehow appears to me as harmful as overdoing it.

The new age trend of ” playing it cool” or ” taking it easy” seems to take over the old concept of ” fair-play” and responsible communication. So overwhelming that I can cite dozens of synonyms for ” keeping it simple”.

Human interactions lack reliance, respect and responsibility and it seem to have been forgotten, that not so long time ago, this values wore the base of any relationship.

Speaking one’s mind and expressing true interest, even a simple two way communication has been abolished and reduced to a state of shame in which those who are claiming or using it are perceived as weak and accused of not knowing how to ” play the game”.

The new purpose of life is living in oblivion, striving to eliminate any trace of humanity. The ” follow your feelings” has transformed in ” follow your desires” and care not for the other. The happiness has return to satisfying primal cravings, and as long as one fills his time with shallow entertainment, he will not need to attend any deeper reflection upon one’s purpose in life.

There is no purpose anymore, we have succeeded to convert ourselves in a dormant being, and as long as we have ourselves entertained with “not thinking” and not reflecting upon the usefulness of our actions, we will forever be satisfied.

Like a morphine dozed corps, we have given up on our souls for the sake of  physical pleasure.

Analyzing our thoughts or even more, taking action, takes a tremendous amount of discomfort. Just the thought of standing out against the collective agreement upon what “is in” and what is outdated can be  for some, the worst fear.

It all started way above our level of conscious perception. It started as a punch in our ego, as a salvation for our lost souls, as a fulfillment of our unattended need for recognition.

The society took advantage of our weaknesses and gave us an imaginary world to belong to, a world in which we need not to think anymore, in which, the degradation of the human values is normality, so we need not to feel responsible for anything.

The society takes all the responsibility. In fact, the more ignorant we become, more protective “The Society” becomes towards our hypocrisy, defending our rights and nourishing our dormant minds with more demeaning ideas.

A nation without values, is a nation which will not rebel, a nation which will not ask questions,

A nation feeding on temporary pleasures will enslave itself voluntary, asking for more.

We have become the slaves of ” The Society” , begging for its jars of honey,  served abundantly but which will never end up satisfying our hunger.

Perfect love, supreme power, unfading beauty, they are all at a reach of hand, if we only, “play it right enough”, “stay cool” and ” just do it”, and somehow, even though we never seem to reach it, we have convinced ourselves that they are there, it’s just a matter of keep looking and dismissing everything that doesn’t fit the expectations.

We are not investing in a friendship anymore, we are barely using people to fulfill our needs, and whoever can fulfill that need is our friend, until someone else suits better for the job. And care not reciprocating the attendance, ” why should someone make such a drama and ask for reciprocity”, ” get a life” we say.

I dare not to get dipper into a human relationship, bounded by sacrifice, care, empathy, and open communication. It’s a myth now days, a nostalgic feeling or “saudade” as the Portuguese say ” a constant feeling of absence, the sadness of something that’s missing, wishful longing for completeness”. 

A feeling that many use as an excuse for running, a feeling that we have reached to treasure more than the actual fulfillment of love.

Somehow, feeling sad and not understood, has became more appealing than the real happiness.  And how can it be different, in a world in which, people connect trough suffering, and happiness is seen as a delusion.

Calmness and peacefulness are for yogis. Eccentricity, reserved for the rich, or those which ” have no important things to do.”

“Real people” as they call themselves,  have no time for childish behaviors, or for indulging in reflection or self analysis. They barely have time to exist.

We live to work and we work to live. We gather wealth as an end purpose, and not for a purpose.

The most striking of all, we claim to be self sufficient, INDEPENDENT beings, working continuously to prove that, we need no one to be happy, without ever being able to reach that happiness, following however, the values created by our COLLECTIVE imagination, called SOCIETY.






How much do you really know about the people you interact with?

I have often observed a tendency in analyzing our new acquaintances in easy personality traits as “timid”, friendly”, “extrovert”, “outgoing”, “antisocial”, “messy”, “oversensitive”, etc.

And at a first glance the view might be valid, for those of us which have never got a deeper insight in why our fellow colleagues act the way they do.

On the other side, for those who had the chance of exploring other cultures and way of perceiving life, the truth gets a bit more complex.

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