Can you ever get tired of travelling?

\Travel far enough and you will discover yourself!

For the last 6 years I have traveled the world visiting more than 80 countries and more than 100 cities.

When you are travelling life takes a different speed, time passes faster, and in November you wander where March went and if you have time to fully prepare for Christmas. But you know what, Christmas doesn’t feel as important anymore cause you will not be home with family and friends, Easter will catch you in Asia and instead you will be wondering about and discovering new traditions, Temples are your new Churches, the water fighting in Bangkok, the Colour festival, they all remain beautiful but after a while, seems to normalise. When you have done many of the things you used to only dream about, gratefulness will not disappear, however the excitement becomes routine, and the routine is not stimulating.

Many of you will read and judge….there are people who never traveled out of their city and there are people who have nothing to eat while I am traveling the world and write about how I had enough. I get it, there will always be people who will love to have our life, and do not get me wrong, I love my life, however I am just here to tell you the perks of our psychology, and how having it all, is not the answer, as Jim Kerry once said.

The world has became my home, even when I visit a new place, I do not feel the uneasiness I used to feel when I first started this journey, I feel comfortable and as if I belong. This is great you might say, and I totally agree, but that makes travelling less like travelling cause metaphorically I am always home.

Habituation is the killer of all excitement, therefore for the last year I have taken a break from travelling with the exception of travelling for work and my birthday getaway, which is a must ( I will tell you the story in another post).

So here I am, on vacation, writing about how I need a break from vacations.

Life is an interesting game, and I think I am just starting to understand the rules of play.

It’s not about the destination anymore, it’s about how interesting you make the journey!

Travelling far enough and you will find yourself!