Scared as s**t, excited and full of dreams

Every traveler-to-be has that moment in life in which his future will gonna unfold in front of his eyes and he will have to choose from a sea of possible outcomes, how his journey will continue from there.

You will most probably stay alone in a train station or at the departure gate of the airport and scared as s**t, excited and full of dreams, will try to contain your heartbeat from braking out through your “travel the world” T-shirt!!!

You are now dragging your feet through the warm sand, listening the soft waves, braking just a few meters away. The sun is stronger than you ever experienced it back home and on your skin, rivers of salt and sand are now painting your new life.

You could have sworn that, that watermelon juice was alcohol free, when overwhelm by a tremendous warmth you collapse near the fire.

Noise, too much noise, people are now passing by through your life, like through a train station.

At the beginning they are just passengers, carrying their own life like untold stories, strangers,  leaving behind the faint feeling of a ghost. But as they pass by, they start touching the walls of your heart, they start leaving behind peaces of their life-stories, they start creating a warm feeling of being there, and an emptiness when they are gone.

That small creature, full of dreams and wonders, has become now the carrier of the world, he carries  in his soul fragments of thousand lifes, stories of nations.

This is what I felt in my first traveling experience. I was alone in the airport dreaming of what might arrive in my life, of how my life will gonna change and if I should better stop this now and go back home to my friends instead of dragging my feet in places I have no clue of, around people I have no information of.

Who knows what can happen out there, the world is crazy! but at another thought…SO AM I“, and the outcome I have chosen to concentrate upon, is more than inviting !!!

A land of blue clear water, golden sands, seafood, bonfire parties, tribal dances, french accents. An island in the Indian ocean, where the Chinese, French, Indian and Creole culture are a fusion to excite your senses with.

Mauritius is the first destination gate-away I have chosen for my solo travelling baptism.

The taxi took me that early morning, upon arrival, through a dense jungle. Smells like dust and wet cloths,  and from the radio a Indian beat is making my driver sketch a shy smile under a rich mustache.

The drive took us around an hour and I can not deny the relief I have felt once we stopped in front of a waterfront resort. “Coin de Mire Attitude“, a name that somehow matched my dreams while making the booking.

Within just crossing the street from the beach, and with a vast garden and entertainment court, the resort seem to be a great choice. the same were feeling the two lizards which have introduced themselves as my room-mates.

I am terrified of lizards, and I still can’t realize how I managed to sleep so peacefully the 5 nights of my vacation, knowing that at any moment I could have had one of my flatmates cuddling on my bed.

I guess it was the Universe’s way to show me that I am not alone.:)))

I have choose my hotel on the north of the Island, famous for beach resorts, and cruising along small islands, for snorkeling and sunbathing.

The south was tempting without discussion for its mountains and wind, a surfer’s paradise. However, for my first solo travelling experience, I have decided to remain “in the neighborhood”

10458383_766217960076126_553145448281814192_nThe day unfold in a great speed, with a challenging amount of entertainment. I was to discover that is not in my destiny to be alone.  I seem to have a magnet for open minded free souls, and within just a few hours upon arrival as I was sipping on my local exquisite drink,  watching a traditional dance performance, my future travelling buddies join my table as we were knowing each other forever.

It felt so strikingly awkward and normal at the same time, but they seem inoffensive, so, “What the hack, I am thousand miles from home, alone in the middle of an ocean, why not making some friends”.

The sunrise in Mauritius is something you have to see for yourself to believe. I had already my swimsuit and my snorkeling kit, my coffee is smelling like heaven, the sun is bathing the ocean, the ocean is bathing my feet, and the  only thing missing is me shearing a tear to commemorate the beauty of the world. :))))

Our boat is approaching and my new friends also, so I have to leave my poetic mood for some alone time, if there will be any. :))

What followed next, needs more than words to be expressed.

We have started with getting lost between colorful  fishes ( God I have felt so tiny!) Is amazing how peaceful can it feel, to cruise around when, under your feet, the traffic is wars than India:))))

The day continued with a boat barbecue, lots of sunbathing, amazing stories, occasional off-the-board  accidents :))) and plenty of hydration.

10343537_765451236819465_2165897078176154836_nI know I was a bit melodramatic with the sunrise, but you should have seen that sunset, Oh my Lord that sunset! It might have been the drinks, or the excitement of being alone in the middle of an ocean, however, that was one of the best sunsets of my life!!!! :)))

Success!! After that day, I knew somehow that it was the beginning of a long and  happy relationship with the world.

The next 2 days wore spent discovering hidden beaches and following the locals through their daily routines. Fruit markets were my favorite! Having pineapple as ice-cream, and taking the courage to ride local buses just to have a glimpse of culture, away from touristic crowds.

The departure was tough. Somehow I have left a peace of my soul on the island. It was my first solo-traveler love.

I have learned there that feeling lonely has nothing to do with being alone, but with how ready you are to open up your heart to the world and most important, to yourself.

In Mauritius I have become addicted. Addicted to life, addicted to the world, addicted to discovering myself.