The Maltese experience!

I have pushed myself to lay dawn on paper my Maltese experience for two months now. However I have always felt like the story is not over yet, I grabbed on to it like it’s a matter of survival, and maybe it is. The survival of my poisonous nostalgia.

With every country I visit, my heart pumps my blood in different colors, transforming my spirit in a beautiful rainbow. Poisoned by my own heart, relishing sparks of color from every pore.

For an adventure seeker like me, Malta has never been on my bucket list. However a series of circumstances brought me in front of the possibility, and I admit; for an European, Malta is perceived as an easy escape, a less expensive relaxation getaway.

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The Revelation.

Not even God has all the world believing, and still, never gave up on expressing Its beauty.

For those who are wondering what God has to do with traveling and discovering, let me share with you a story that will give you a hint.

While I have never been a people pleaser, and by contrary I have lived my life in ways, many time out of the social expectation, I just recently realized that I did so, many times from fear, fear of not being good enough to please the society.

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Germany vs Italy! the story of Deutschland !

While the world is struggling with War, Hunger, Racism and mostly Hypocrisy and Injustice; there is nothing that can move masses more than…FOOTBALL!

This frenetic, almost addictive joy, that takes over humanity while watching a “ball-chasing game”, is mind-blowing.

2016-07-04 19.31.20So here I am, in Berlin, loosing myself in this wave of people, with hopes raised high, that maybe, just maybe, Germany will claim victory over Italy for the first time.

Who cares now about War, Hunger, Refugees or Brexit, when a country’s ego is challenged!!??

Surrounded by hundreds of people, I found myself carried away, following the street between Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate.

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Niagara. The story of the waterfalls!

It is believed that if you want something bad enough, sooner or later, you will get it!. Lets add a little work and the success is almost guaranteed.

The Niagara Waterfall, was hitting the top of my bucket-list, since long before I could even imagine myself as a full-time  traveler.

So here we go, without any big revelation, or strange emotions, in front of the long awaited moment, I arm myself with patience for the 7 h. trip that separates me from crossing another major dream-destination from my list.

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Rwanda, a country of transitions!

When we think of Rwanda, the first thing that we will think about is either, The Genocide and Terror, or Poverty and repression.

Very few are those who are able to dismiss this images and see Rwanda for what it is now; The safest country in Central Africa. A place of repentance, redemption and peace, in which the people will greet you with a down-to-earth modesty that will make you believe again in the power of forgiveness.

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Discovering Jordan. Week-end in a Bedouin Style.

A timeless treasure, Petra has won the battle with the passing time, and a place between the “7 Wonders of the World”.

As you might have noticed, the 7 wonders, change, every now and then, when people stop wondering, when the magnificent becomes commercial or too easy accessible, or when our ignorance kills the magic.

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